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Bo is a Shih-Poo

April 10,2015

Picked up our Shih Poo Bo today. We couldn't ask for better people to deal
with and he has immediately adapted to our home and is a joy. Thanks to Pat
and Karen for allowing us to bing our Shih Tzu Rocko over to bond with him
over the last few weeks. They have hit it off great! We would recommend
them to anyone looking for a top quality, well adjusted dog. We'll be back
when we are ready for another!!!

Chris Schultz
Bella is a Malti-Poo

April 7, 2015

We just got our puppy Bella, from Pierce's Precious Puppies and we are so
happy!!! Thank you so much Pierce's Precious Puppies for giving us our sweet
puppy Bella!!!!

Amy Johnson
Mater is a Morkie

January 30, 2015

Pat and Karen are wonderful. They open up their home to you and breed
beautiful, happy puppies.

Stephanie Murr
Sadie is a Morkie

January 28, 2015

My grandma and grandpa bought their little Morkie (Maltese Yorkie), Sadie,
from Pierce's Precious Puppies this past January. I am leaving this review for
them because they do not have a computer! I can tell you that this experience
was the best thing we could have asked for. Karen and Pat are both the best
people and the best breeders. The house is very clean and the puppies are all
healthy and happy! My grandma went and visited her little Sadie every week,
per Pat's & Karen's advice. This made the transition for everyone involved,
including little Sadie, so much easier! She knew my grandma whenever we
would go to visit her, and it took her no time at all to feel at home once we
brought her home. Our entire family highly recommends this breeder to
anyone looking for a puppy!

Jessica Zohrer
Mini & Belle are two Malti-Poo

January 4, 2015

We adopted two adorable 8 week old Malti Poos in December, 2014.The Pierce
family was wonderful and communicated with us every step of the way. We
highly recommend Pierce Precious Puppies!

Carol Deely
Sophie is a Yorkie

November 10, 2014

My family and I bought Sophie, a yorkie, through pierce's precious puppies. My
friend referred us to them. We could not be more grateful for her. They do a
wonderful job of taking care of the puppies. Always on top of doctors
appointments, early house training, and of course giving them all love and
attention. I highly recommend getting your puppies here!

Ashley Wiers   
Baby is a Morkie

August 17, 2014

I wish could rate Pierce's Precious Puppies 100 stars! Our experience with
Karen and Pat was phenomenal... The whole family is great! After a very bad
1st time experience with another breeder that ended in a very ill pup who
eventually passed our family needed the knowledge and kindness of the
Pierce family. They truly have such a passion and genuine love for what they
do. Our new little Morkie girl is an absolute joy. Karen spends so much time
with her pups preparing them for the transition to their new homes... Our
Bebe came home eating, pee pee pad trained, fully groomed, and up to date on
all veterinary needs. They open their home for visits with your new little furry
companion allowing you to partake in their first puppy weeks of development,
allowing your puppy to get familiar to you too. I couldn't recommend them
more... This is a family serious about breeding and doing it properly and
ethically! My heart thanks them for such a memorable and exciting
experience! If ever we extend our family to another puppy Pat and Karen will
be the first to know as we would love to live through this journey with them
again!!! Adopt through Pierce Precious Puppies... It will be the experience it's
meant to be and a puppy who will be ready to be loved for a lifetime!

Joe Rubino
Bosco is a Shih Poo

July 19, 2014

Patrick And Karen are great people and have a wonderful breeding program
producing sound, social, happy puppies. I am very grateful to my friend,
Sharon, for recommending them.

Diane Dailey
Xena is a Malti-Poo

May 18, 2014

I purchased my precious Maltipoo, Xena from Pierce's Precious Puppies. This
is after I had done extensive research on who to buy from. I spent months
questioning breeders and Pierce's Precious Puppies was the one who
checked off all the boxes! I researched because I bought my first puppy from a
pet store. I did not know at the time about puppy mills. I loved my Spike dearly,
but he had multiple serious health issues for the entire short 7 years of his
life. I did not want to repeat my mistake, so I researched and asked numerous
questions of the breeders I contacted. Pat & Karen answered all my questions
quickly and matched everything I read that is an excellent breeder. They even
encouraged me to come up anytime, so I could bond with the puppy I had
chosen! Xena is happy, healthy and has passed all my vets tests! I wouldn't
consider purchasing another puppy UNLESS it was from Pat & Karen!

Carla Tofanelli
Rookie is a Yorkie

March 7, 2014

We adopted one of Pat's & Karen's male Yorkie's and it has been a great
experience! They are such nice people and you can tell they care a great deal
about their dogs. Karen has been available to answer my questions (there
have been a lot). Their home is neat & clean and they are very knowledgeable
dog breeders who care! We love our little Yorkie so much and he is adjusting
so well. Thanks so much

Karen Fitzgibbons
Maggie & Molly

January 24, 2014

We have two wonderful Morkies from Pat & Karen. They are well adjusted,
healthy and very smart dogs. They truly care about their puppies and make
sure they get a strong start during their first 8 weeks of their lives. You know
you will be getting a great dog from them.

Susan Slater
Teek is a Shih Tzu

January 7, 2014

I got my Shih Tzu, Teek, a little over a year ago from PPP. He has the most
unbelievably sweet personality I've ever seen in any dog. He's an absolute fan
favorite at everywhere we go and just simply loves people, other dogs, and
life. I'd recommend Pat & Karen to anyone and I hope she continues long into
the future because I'll definitely be returning!

Sean Lenardic
Toby is a Morkie

December 14, 2013

Pat & family are amazing!!! We adopted our Morkie and Maltese from them,
you won't find happier, healthier dogs than this! I will recommend them to
anyone looking for a dog!!! Their house is clean and they are very welcoming!
Keep up the great work Pierce's precious puppies!

Brandon & Sarah Forshall
Minnie is a Yorkie

November 14, 2013

I brought my Minnie, a Yorkie, from Pierce's Precious Puppies in July 2013.
Before my husband and I decided to purchase from Pat & Karen, we went to at
least 4-5 different places to look for puppies (including happiness is pets and
petland). I was surprised that Pat & Karen keep their puppies very clean! I
always look at puppies' ears to judge how "clean" those puppies are, and
Minnie's ear hair was plugged and cleaned. If you ever visit Petland Naperville
onRt 59, OMG, puppies there are extremely DIRTY. I felt like I was going to get
a skin infection by touching those poor puppies.

After I took Minnie home for 2 months, my vet tested a "WRONG ALT level"--
TWICE. I was so worried about her liver health (could be a birth defect) and
contacted Pat & Karen numerous times. They did not ignored me at all, and
they always responded back to all of my messages in a rapid manner. I was so
relieved when the vet sent the blood test to another lab for more of an
"accurate and comprehensive" result, and her ALT level turned out
NORMAL... (What a waste of money for two unnecessary blood retests!)

My husband and I are thinking of getting another dog when Minnie grows
older and will definitely buy it from Pat & Karen AGAIN. It's also very sweet of
Karen that she likes to check out Minnie's photos on my Facebook and leaves
comments. Most importantly, their puppies prices is very reasonable.

Minnie is energetic, sweet, healthy and SO smart. She has been fully potty
trained by the age of 5 1/2 months.

Hope Pat & Karen will continue to be a dog breeder. It took my husband and I a
long time to find a responsible and good breeder like her.

Vicki Fan
Princess is a Shih Tzu

November 23, 2013

I love my new puppy Princess. We live in the City, in a high-rise, off the lake,
and she loves the elevator, lobby and really loves all the attention from
neighbors. She notices people on the sidewalk, sits down and waits for them
to notice her. She is the most wonderful puppy.

Great job Pat & Karen!!

Maureen D Moran
Sawyer is a Malti-Poo

October 2013

Pat & Karen Pierce breed the best top quality puppies! They are kind, warm
hearted, and welcoming individuals. I LOVE my new Malti-poo puppy, Sawyer!
My husband and I will be recommending Pierce's Precious Puppies to anyone
looking for a canine companion. I am beyond satisfied and happy thanks to Pat
and Karen. <3

The DiLallo Family
Duffy is a Malti-Poo

August 26, 2012

Dear Patrick & Karen,

We wanted to send you a quick photo of Duffy and tell you how wonderful he
is doing! This photo shows him in one of his favorite spots in our back yard.
We joke that he thinks he's a lawn ornament or simply king of the hill! We
could not be happier with our lovable little puppy - he is so sweet,
mild-mannered, and smart. He caught onto potty training immediately and did
great in puppy training classes. We're happy he is easy-going and able to roll
along with whatever it is we are doing, too... we spend a lot of time up in
Wisconsin and Duffy could not be better in the car, on the beach, or in the
boat (he loves all of it)! You predicted that Duffy would have a fantastic
disposition and you were absolutely right. Everyone we know loves Duffy and
we cannot imagine our family without him.

Thank you so much for raising such wonderful puppies and giving our family
so much happiness!

The Moore Family

Jim, Kim, Daniel, Erin & Duffy
Just a note to let you